• Magnuson TVS2300 tops 1000 rwhp in Gen 5 Camaro ZL1 LSA with 150 shot

      1000 rear wheel horsepower is a ton of power but getting that power delivered by a positive displacement supercharger provides for an entirely unique feel. In this case that blower is a Magnuson TVS2300 fitting to a Camaro ZL1 LSA.

      This LSA is a built 396ci motor which works out to 6.48 liters.

      It is enough when paired to a TVS2300 with a 150 shot of nitrous to just top 1000 to the wheels:

      The power and torque curves are pretty nice but power starts to drop past 6000 rpm. Still, that torque delivery to 5000 rpm is incredible.

      This LSA looks like it could benefit from an even larger TVS such as a 2650. Then it would easily clear 1000 whp without the juice and likely offer more on the top end.

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      1. Mortagnais's Avatar
        Mortagnais -
        The TVS R2650 is a beast, it's really making awesome scores on the 5.0l mustang (965RWHP/1110RWN.m on built engine+ethanol) :

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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Mortagnais Click here to enlarge
        The 2650 is a beast, it's really giving nice scores on a 5L mustang
        Such a beast of a blower it makes me want a new GT500...
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        Mortagnais -
        On my side, I could afford the blower...but not the GT500! Click here to enlarge

        For people with a smaller budget, a double TVS R1320 set-up would do the trick!!!
        Finding the room under a bonnet is another story.