• Procharger powers a Cadillac Escalade ESV into the 10's - 10.8@124.96

      This is so absurd that it is right up BoostAddict's alley. The Cadillac Escalade ESV weighs just over 6000 pounds. To get something this big and heavy running 10's in the 1/4 mile is as American as it gets.

      This Escalade is fitted with Procharger D-1SC on its 6.2 liter L86 V8. This is a Gen V GM small block derivative for trucks which starts at 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque.

      The output on this example is not stated but it is obviously way more than 420 with a 124.96 trap speed:

      Guessing the output we leave to you but seeing an Escalade squat like that and practically raise its front tires off the ground is a site to behold.

      Stock trans, stock motor, with an aftermarket cam and fuel system upgrades built by Houston House of Power.

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      1. Stevenh's Avatar
        Stevenh -
        Very cool. I've seen write ups on 1,000 hp escalades before but I've never actually seen one run. Why youd ever do this still eludes me, but I'd imagine the words "too much money" and "why not?" come into play.
      1. MSIZZLE's Avatar
        MSIZZLE -
        thats def pretty cool, i wouldn't do it but cool. I gotta guess this would take atleast 800whp
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I think it would be badass to smoke fast cars in an Escalade.

        Would prefer the all wheel drive version though but I'm guessing all this boost wreaks havoc on the drivetrain.